Check out the Frequently Asked questions here. Its likely that someone else has asked your question before, so to help we've grouped them by subject.

Common questions are:

Q: 'I am graduating with my post graduate diploma or graduate diploma from the University of Waikato and I have a previous degree. What do I wear?'
A: You will need to wear your previous degree regalia, which will include the hood, trencher and gown.  It is okay if your previous degree is from another NZ University or Institution or an International one.  Please provide details of your degree and we will best match the correct hood or colour of hood if International.

Q: 'Do I need to come in now for a fitting, or do I need to supply you with my measurements?'
A: No, you do not need to come in earlier for a fitting or supply us with your measurements.  We have plenty of stock covering all sizes, so you can rest assured we will not run out of 'your size' when you come in to collect.  We will ensure you leave with the right fit regalia.

Q: 'Do I need to pay online with a Credit Card?'
A: No, you can opt to pay by cash or eftpos when you come in to collect or via online banking.  We do however, encourage all students to have payment done before you collect - this reduces your time here collecting and keeps the whole Academic Dress collection process seamless, by just mentioning your order number and moving on to get fitted by one of our very experienced Academic Dress staff.  Lets face it, this is an exciting time for you - being prepared will help you to relax and enjoy this momentous ocassion.

Q: 'Can someone else collect for me?'
A: Of course! As long as you mention the name of the person collecting for you and they bring some ID, that is fine.  You will need to either supply them or us with your height and head circumference in cm so we can get the right regalia for you.

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